Fresh Install


Before installing Qualtrak Coach Installer please make sure that system requirements are met and server is configured for Coach.


  • Check validity of values in <installer folder>\config.ps1. If in doubt check Config file properties.
  • If your SQL Server instance is different than .\SQLEXPRESS make sure to enter proper one for property $global:dbInstanceName in config.ps1.
  • Make sure that SQL Server user is sa or any user with SQL Server system role. Only needed for fresh install.


Currently fresh install requires SQL Server system role for creating Database and SQL User for Coach. If this is a problem ask DB admin to create new user with SQL system role, that can be removed after first install.

Currently installer only support Database users with SQL Authorization. SQL Server Windows Authentication is not supported.


For Coach IntegrationSDK install partners, please before running install make sure to overwrite 02_partner_integrationsdk.sql with your own Coach integration T-SQL file in <installer folder>\db.

If the Recorder IP address used during the Integration Testing is different for this deployment then please open up the T-SQL script (02_partner_integrationsdk.sql) received from the Integration Tool and change the Recorder IP address there.


  • Download installer.
  • Unblock installer zip file (by right click > Properties > Unblock).
  • Extract installer zip.
  • Open Powershell console as Administrator.
  • cd into extracted installer folder.
  • Run installer setup by:


  • Run Full Qualtrak Coach Installer
  • DbPaswd and SysPasswd are required. If not entered installer will prompt for entering them.
Install-CoachFull -DbPasswd '<db user password>' -SysPasswd '<coach system administrator password>'


Coach System Administrator is role used to create Tenants and shold be used only for that. Do not add this Coach System Administrator to any Tenant organization hierarchy.

Post Install

After successful installation sign in into Coach first time, use this values in login page:

  • Tenant Code: 1000
  • Username: sys.admin
  • Password: password entered for Coach System Administrator on first install (installer switch SysPasswd, if used or when prompted).


Coach System Administrator username is by default set to sys.admin. If there is need for other username please use config property $sysAdminUsername in <installer folder>\config.ps1 to set desired username for Coach System Administrator user.